What happens when your contract ends?

When your contact comes to an end using one our systems we offer two simple options for you:

  • Data storage and retention
  • Account deletion

If you require any further information about these services please call us today on 0845 868 4932

Data Storage and Retention

If you have a requirement to store data for a number of years post your service closing we offer a fully insured and secure data retention service, you will have no access to the data but it will be held in our encrypted data locker.

Should you require access to the data we can restore it to new account for you to view, this is priced per month, if you wish to reinstate you data on a longer term please contact us.

The costs:

Data Retention:  £350 per year (ex VAT)

Data Restoration: is £450 per month (ex VAT)

Data Deletion

If you require specific data removing from your account, we can assist you with this. Our team can preeminently remove specific case’s / data sets and provide you with a certificate of destruction, the normal cost of this service is £85 (+vat)

Account Deletion

This service is free of charge and involves us deleting your accounts from the secure cloud and then over writing the data to prevent restoration.